Some little-known facts about wooden gates.

Would you like an authentic gate to serve as access to your horse pasture or a gate as part of your rural garden?

Did you know that our authentic pasture gates are very successful both in Belgium and abroad? Not only horse enthusiasts love them, but they are also popular among enthusiasts of English and contemporary rural gardens.

Contemporary rural appearance
Did you know that you can often encounter our wooden gates in contemporary garden designs? An authentic rural pasture gate will not only serve as a beautiful gateway to your horse pasture, it can also provide a stylish touch to your rural garden.
Our traditional pasture gates look great in both contemporary and classic rural gardens. That is why landscape designers choose to integrate these typical English gates into rural garden designs.

Made in a traditional way
Did you know that our traditional pasture gates are still made in a traditional way? You can choose from two designs which have been developed in-house. Both of these designs are made from the strongest and most durable tropical hardwood (with durability class 1) and have the hot-branded mark of De Sutter Naturally on them.

30-year warranty
In addition, we pay particular attention to the reliability of the gate fittings. The iron is no less than half a centimetre thick and we use double pin joints, making our gates indestructible.
It therefore not surprising that we are able to offer a warranty of no less than 30 years on our traditional pasture gates.

DIY pack
Did you know that our gates are delivered with a manual? It contains all the necessary assembly instructions for drilling holes and mounting the fittings. That means you can easily erect the gate yourself, or have it erected for you. You can pick up a pasture gate from us using an ordinary trailer or have it delivered if that works better for you. Installing it yourself is all done thanks to the manual.
Is your gate part of a complete horse fence? In that case, we advise you to use our own installation service. Our experienced installers have all of the necessary expertise and specialised equipment to fix your fence firmly and neatly in the ground.

By sea and by air
Did you know that our rural pasture gates are popular both in Belgium and abroad? We regularly deliver our gates by container ship to foreign customers. We have even sent orders by air for customers who cannot wait.