This will let you enjoy a wooden fence for 30 years without any cares

Would you like to enjoy a wooden pasture fence without any worries?

A wooden fence is a stylish boundary for your pasture. The rural look ensures harmony with the environment. If you choose a safe wooden fence, horse and owner will enjoy this sustainable investment for many years.
When purchasing a wooden fence, it is advisable to get thorough advice in advance about the quality of the wood, the installation and the warranty provided.

The importance of advice
Would you like to enjoy your pasture without any worries? Then make sure you choose the optimal layout of your terrain and the ideal height of your fence. If you make an appointment with a supplier, you can expect advice on the most suitable way to structure your pasture and the best suitable material for your situation.

Choose safety and quality
First and foremost, the fence of a horse pasture has to excel in terms of safety. Planed wood, splinters or sharp edges are unthinkable if you want to leave your horse without worrying about it.
In addition, the outlook is important. Therefore, only choose wood that has been carefully selected and optimally processed. Always ask a supplier which quality inspections are carried out on the wood, both before and during the production process.

Let experienced professionals install the fence
A top-quality wooden fence is best erected by an experienced and professionally equipped installation service. Is the installation work done skillfully and does the supplier offer the required warranty for stability and strength, for instance by using laser techniques and electronic sensors? Then you know that the fence will be firmly anchored in your pasture for the next 30 years.

A wooden fence made of pinewood or hardwood does not require any maintenance. If there are trees in the vicinity of your fence, green deposit may appear on the wood. You can remove it, or have it removed, from an aesthetic point of view, but this is not needed for the quality of the wood.
Are you buying sturdiness and craftsmanship? Then you will undoubtedly get a warranty as well. Did you know that at De Sutter Naturally you will receive a 20-year warranty on pinewood fences and a 30-year warranty on our hardwood fences? In 2017, we celebrated our 40th anniversary. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to provide that guarantee with confidence.

Would you like to enjoy a wooden pasture fence without any worries?