What determines the price of a horse pasture fence in wood?

Are you looking for a high-quality fence with a rural appearance?

Are you wondering whether a stylish fence fits your budget? The price of your project is determined by the size of your pasture, the type of wood you select, the quality of the finish and the warranty that is provided. If you take all these factors into account, a wooden fence is a sustainable investment that you will be able to enjoy for many years.

Size of your pasture
You pay a price per metre for a fence. For a large, secluded pasture you can choose a cheaper type of wood than for a pasture adjacent to your house.

Pure elegance in 2 price ranges
It is a fact that the type of wood determines the price of your fence as well. Tropical hardwood has a higher price tag than pine softwood. With the necessary pretreatment both will last for many years.
Tropical hardwood has a pure, classic look that is irresistible to some, while others find that a well-worked pinewood fence will do nicely. Read more about the differences between the two types of wood here.

Quality of the woodworking
Once your fence is erected you will not immediately notice a difference between wood that has been thoroughly impregnated and poorly preserved wood, apart from their price tags. But after 10 years, a wooden fence will start to rot if the wood has not been treated properly.
Therefore, ask for the warranty period. At De Sutter Naturally we provide a 20-year guarantee on pinewood fences and a 30-year guarantee on fences made from tropical hardwood (durability class 1).
We provide this warranty with confidence, as we have been installing wooden fences for over 40 years. Therefore, we know the quality of our wood inside out.

An investment that pays off for many years
A wooden fence ensures an exclusive rural appearance, although some people fear that it is outside their budget. We recommend you look at the total picture.
It is best to view the price of a wooden fence over a period of 30 years. Are you investing in a sturdy fence made with high-quality materials? That means you can enjoy an exclusive fence for many years without any maintenance or concerns.

Are you looking for a high-quality fence with a rural appearance?