What is the best time of year to put up a wooden fence?

Have you selected the right moment for placing your wooden fence?

A wooden fence can be installed at any time of the year. An experienced installation team has the proper equipment to firmly fix your horse fence in the ground in summer or winter. Each season has its advantages.

For early birds
Would you like to have your fence as soon as possible? Then contact us during the winter months. In December, January and February we can act more quickly and deliver within a couple of weeks.
Even before the first rays of sunshine announce spring's arrival, we will have installed your fence so that you can enjoy a stylishly fenced horse pasture the rest of the year.

Springtime is peak season
As soon as the temperature rises, the demand for quotations increases rapidly. For De Sutter Naturally, spring is the busiest period of the year, for both sales and the installation teams.
During busy periods, you should anticipate a delivery time of 2 to 3 months. We can deliver within this time frame because we always have a good amount of top quality processed timber in stock.
Of course, this delivery time is agreed in consultation with the client. Do you require your fence earlier? Then we will do everything in our power to install your fence in time.

In all kinds of weather
Winter, spring, summer, autumn...our professional installation team can neatly enclose your pasture in all weather conditions. Our installation service will postpone the work only if the ground is too wet as this could compromise the stability of the fence.

Within a few days
Thanks to our unique installation method, our professional installation team can put up 500 metres of fence in the space of 2 days. We have developed our own post vibrating tool that can anchor your fence in the ground firmly and stably within a short period of time. Moreover, our experienced professionals will ensure neat positioning, aligning all the posts perfectly in a single line and at the same height. Customers are often pleasantly surprised when they arrive home in the evening and can already admire their stylishly fenced horse pasture.