About us
The year 2022 is coming to an end. A good time to look back as well as forward. It was a year in which we had to be even more flexible, creative, but mostly innovative than a year ago. It was also a year in which we achieved many great milestones. We would like to take you through the highlights of De Sutter Naturally in 2022.

Innovation and sustainability

Also in 2022, we remained committed to innovation and sustainability. After years of development and testing of our Infinity products in RECO material, we are strongly marketing this product range in 2022.  Not surprisingly, Infinity was rewarded last year with the Innovation Award at Spoga in Cologne. A great reward for the hard work of a strong team!

With Densiforce®, our new quality mark for the production process of our applications in impregnated softwood, we brought an ecological alternative to creosoted fences. It is the reference when it comes to protecting softwood from wood rot while respecting the environment. This is another innovative and sustainable solution that makes a difference across the board.

Our range of shelters underwent a facelift. Here too, we continue to innovate and work on a durable and high-quality product that is in line with our gates and fences.

Growth at home and abroad

As a company, we experienced a nice growth that translated into an increase from 48 to 53 motivated employees.

Not only within Belgium did we grow steadily. In 2022, we are betting high on exports. The distribution in volume of wood is currently already 60% export compared to 40% in Belgium. In 2023 we will continue this trend and the share in exports will become even more important.

All these achievements were obviously only possible thanks to a strong team of motivated colleagues. They carry the core values of De Sutter Naturally in their hearts and thus form the basis of our success. Thank you.

We are looking forward to the new year with great pleasure. We have grown tremendously recently because we offer real added value to our customers. Therefore, in 2023 we will continue our commitment to what we have stood for for 45 years: the quality reference for gates, fences and shelters.

Colleagues, customers, and partners, we thank you all for a great year and look forward to the challenges and opportunities of 2023.