Square Robinia Wire Mesh | Wire mesh fence | High quality, safe and animal friendly | A visual added value for your property.

Square Robinia Wire Mesh

Wire fencing offers a durable fence, safe for large and small animals.

Add a beautiful fence with an authentic, natural look to your exclusive landscape garden. With square posts made of Robinia: the most durable and hard European wood type. The perfect solution for your wire mesh fence


  • This fencing has a classic, natural look, made from the hard and durable wood species Robinia, also known as Pseudoacacia.
  • The square posts are finely sawn, pointed and have a bevelled top.
  • De Sutter Naturally is the largest Belgian distributor of the high-quality Tornado wire which has been manufactured in the UK for 40 years.
  • The wire thickness allows extreme tensioning, which ensures a tight appearance and prevents sagging over the years. 
  • The high degree of galvanisation protects the wire from corrosion.
  • The spacing of the wires is maximum 8 cm, therefore no heads, hooves and feet can pass through it.


100cm with meshes of 15cm
110cm with meshes of 8cm
120cm with meshes of 8cm
120cm with meshes of 15cm
158cm with meshes of 8cm
190cm with meshes of 8cm
190cm with meshes of 15cm


  1. Square posts of hard and durable Robinia (Pseudoacacia) 
  2. High-quality, tightly stretched Tornado wire mesh protected against rust
  3. Authentic, rustic appearance


A close up of a wooden fence with a wire attached to it.


The fence is provided with a live wire that protects both the fence and the animals. The electricity prevents the animals from gnawing and scraping at the wood. We can protect the gate electrically as well. The circuit will be installed with either ring insulators or W-insulators.

Our approach

De Sutter Naturally offers the best care, protection and safety for your four-legged friend, excellent service for you and added value for your property.

Our warranty

Robinia posts

In case of delivery by De Sutter Naturally of these items in Robinia, durability class 1-2, an
expected life span of 25 years and an anti-rot guarantee on the delivered and installed material apply, during the first 12 years at 100%. During the following five years a degressive guarantee value applies, whereby the guarantee value decreases by 20% per year. This degressive guarantee is limited to the material only.

For Tornado® Wire and gate hardware

All our metal products are hot-dip galvanised for optimal protection. The 5 mm thick gate hardware lasts a lifetime. The Tornado® Wire products fit perfectly within our standard of quality and durability. These products are guaranteed against elasticity and corrosion in the same way as the selected posts.