About us

40 years of top quality and an exclusive look

Over forty years ago, De Sutter Naturally was launched by Peter De Sutter. Back then, he worked as a stable boy for famous horseman Eric Wauters. Young Peter ascertained that, at that point, no quality and stylish fences and wooden gates existed. The idea for De Sutter Naturally was born. Over the past decades, the company became the definitive market leader in the European world of horses. De Sutter Naturally caters not just to the world of horses, but also to other parts of the market. For example, complete solutions are also offered when other animals or forest domains are involved, with or without wire mesh. With Jeffrey De Sutter as business manager of the second generation, the future of the company is assured. In the years ahead, top quality, safety, durability and a stylish look will continue to be absolute quality guarantees.