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Square Infinity

RECO fence with square posts - rural look

A fence made of plastic, but infinitely recyclable and elegant. Quality, rock solid and safe. That's Square Infinity: our RECO horse fence with an exclusive, rural look. Developed to surround your four-legged friends with the best care, using a unique extrusion process that results in unprecedented bending stiffness in planks and square posts with rounded top. 

Square Infinity is a local product. Each fibre is made from hard-to-recycle plastic - the plastic content of your PMD bag and other plastic waste as raw material. An added value for nature, people and animals.

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Sustainability Quality Safe
Circular: no residual waste Colourfast Resilient
Plastic waste from 1 person for 1 year in 2 posts Unbreakable Non-toxic
Lifetime anti-rot guarantee Rustic look No sharp edges or splinters
Production in Belgium Innovative and unique No chemical maintenance products

If you have further questions about our Infinity fence or the RECO material, click here.




2 boards


3 boards


3 boards

Colour: Natural greyed look/ optionally customised colour


  1. From plastic waste to end product
  2. Very long lifespan
  3. Innovative plastic extrusion 
  4. Warping and bending, becoming brittle or crumbling: not an issue!


A close up of a wooden fence with a wire attached to it.


The fence is provided with a live wire that protects both the fence and the animals. The electricity prevents the animals from gnawing and scraping at the wood. We can protect the gate electrically as well. The circuit will be installed with either ring insulators or W-insulators.
Wooden fence with square posts, 2 rails and a wire mesh on it

Wire mesh on the fence

We equip your fence with professionally stretched wire mesh. Due to the small meshes, you can keep not only horses but also other animals (small animals, poultry, etc.) in the pasture, or prevent other animals from entering. Our wire mesh is available in different heights.
A wooden fence with rails and livestock wires

Livestock wire

This elegant and durable solution protects both small and large animals. The galvanised steel wire is applied through the posts.

Our approach

De Sutter Naturally offers the best care, protection and safety for your four-legged friend, excellent service for you and added value for your property.