Oklahoma wire mesh

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Choose this functional yet stylish wire mesh fence for your garden.
Oklahoma wire mesh
  • Norwegian Red Pinewood.  The wood is oven-dried for impregnation to 22% moisture, vacuum-impregnated with green salts to saturation.
  • Norwegian Red Pinewood grows much more slowly than regular Pinewood, causing the density to be much higher. It makes it easier to dry the wood for impregnation, resulting in full saturation.
  • This fence has rectangular intermediate posts of 7.5cm x 15cm and corner posts of 15cm x 15cm neatly sawn.
  • The chamfered head prevents rainwater from remaining on the post.
  • Due to the high quality of the wire, it can be strung at very high tension. This results in a tight look and prevents slackness of the wire mesh throughout the years.
  • Due to the zinc-aluminium alloy treatment, the wire mesh has long-term protection from corrosion.
  • Depending on the surface and height of the wire mesh, the distance between the posts is 3m50 to 4m00.
  • Available heights of wire mesh: 117 cm, 120 cm, 158 cm, 192 cm.
  • Tornado wire mesh with a wire diameter of 2.5 mm for horizontal and vertical wires, which prevents puncture or settling. This thickness of wire can also bear a very high tension force, which gives a tight and straight fence.
  • The distance between the vertical wires is a maximum of 8 cm, which is impenetrable for heads, hooves and feet.


Oklahoma wire mesh
Wire mesh height
117cm 10 horizontal wires
120cm 13 horizontal wires
158cm 15 horizontal wires
192cm 17 horizontal wires
We place an electric wire on the fence. The electrical circuit protects both the fence and the horses. The electricity prevents animals from gnawing and chafing on the wooden fence. We can also install direct electrical protection at the gate. We place the electrical circuit with ring insulators or w -insulators.

Only in Belgium De Sutter Naturally place about 200 000 running meters of fencing per year.

They apply a unique installation method with their own developed post vibration machine. This technique guarantees strength and stability. Our professional experienced installers work with laser equipment and electronic sensors.

Gate posts are anchored in a concrete foundation. You can also call on our installation service to install electrical wire.

For placements in Europe, we selected a number of partners who work according to the same quality philosophy. These Premium Partners are responsible for our placements in the other countries.