Why choose De Sutter Naturally? Quality, passion, dedication and so much more...

De Sutter Naturally is the reference in Europe for the development and production of fencing and accessories with an added value for the customer’s property. 


Natural curves, difficult level differences, beautiful straight lines: De Sutter Naturally ensures expertly installed fences and field gates throughout Europe. Thanks to the in-house developed post driver, we can install the posts without concrete or cement. The tracks on the machine make it possible to work on any surface. With lasers and sensors, we ensure that the posts are in exactly the right position. In short, we leave nothing to chance.
Our teams install more than 200 000 metres of fences per year in Belgium. In the rest of Europe, we rely on carefully selected Premium Partners who follow the same quality philosophy. 
Do you want to install the horse fence or field gate yourself? No problem, you can do that too. 


With 10 000 m² of storage area, we have the largest stock of horse fences and gates in Europe at any time. This means that we can service our customers almost immediately in Belgium or through our Premium Partners abroad. All horse fences and field gates are always in stock.


We only use wood derived from sustainably managed forests, felled in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our hardwood is FSC® labelled, which confirms this. The pine wood has a PEFC label that endorses this. This wood carries a higher price tag, but you get a lot in return. A longer life, more well-being for your animals and at least a 20-year anti-rot guarantee.

Sustainable business is in our DNA, you’ll see that soon enough. We are located in a wooden, ecologically neutral building and use wood waste heating. As true horse and nature lovers, we think about the future of our (grand)children.

Durable wood and CO²-neutral heating of commercial buildings

  • A combination of solar panels, a solar boiler and a boiler running on wood waste, takes care of an energy-neutral climate in our company.
  • Recycling: all waste materials are stored and disposed of separately.

Local production

We develop and manufacture all the fences and field gates we install in-house. At our home base in Kampenhout, we have a modern, computer-controlled joinery where the production process takes place.
Everything starts with the purchase of the right quality wood from the sawmills. We buy our wood at the source. In doing so, we apply strict quality criteria. As standard, we select the highest quality and durability class, both for the pine and for the tropical hardwood. Only the best wood is used for our fences and gates.

The raw wood is planed to become beautiful, smooth beams. With our high-tech, computer-controlled CNC woodworking machines, we further shape them into finished posts and gate components. These machines guarantee an accuracy of up to 0.1mm. This allows us to produce horse fences and field gates with the highest degree of finish.