Stylish & ECO combined in one fence

The most durable fences on the market, with an authentic rural look for the exclusive appearance of your meadow. At De Sutter Naturally we are proud to say that we have united them in our latest creation... Infinity.  

"Each fibre is made of hard-to-recycle plastic. The oceans are full of it. We are turning the tide. We process this waste into a very stylish product for you, your children and your grandchildren. In a first phase, we are applying this to fencing. As a unique addition to our renowned wood range.” Alexander Van Parijs, De Sutter Naturally CEO

That’s why we call it Infinity!

100% recycled plastic composite
Planks and posts made from the plastic contents of your PMD bags and other plastic waste.     

Safe all the way
Bye bye splinters, sharp edges, chemical maintenance products

Resilient and solid
Plastic with memory, safe for humans and animals

Lifelong enjoyment
Sustainable and maintenance-free, no rotting, unbreakable, stands the test of time

Colourfast and weatherproof
Colour stability tested according to ISO standards, UV-resistant, does not absorb liquids    

Pure class
Looks just as sublime as a wooden fence, powerful shades available

If you have further questions about our Infinity fence or the RECO material, click here.