Find out how the Infinity fence is produced from recycled PMD material and why this eco-friendly option is worth the investment.

At De Sutter Naturally, sustainability is at the heart of all our processes, especially in the production of our Infinity fence. This unique product line, manufactured from recycled PMD material, goes through several complex stages before it reaches the exceptional quality our customers expect. We explain each stage of this unique manufacturing process, in order to clarify why, despite their origin from recycled materials, these products still warrant higher pricing. Understand the complexity and value behind each step in this sustainable production line.

The production process of the Infinity fence:

1. Waste collection:

The process starts with the collection of PMD waste, which consists mainly of plastic packaging, metals and beverage cartons. This material is collected from various collection points and is the first crucial step towards creating our recycled fences.

2. Separation of usable PMD waste:

Not all collected PMD material can be reused for our Infinity product line. Careful separation is necessary to allow only materials that meet our strict quality standards to proceed to the next stage. This selection ensures that only the best recycled material is used.

3. Washing the waste:

The selected waste is thoroughly washed to remove all contaminants. This is essential to ensure the quality of the final product and to avoid problems during the melting process.

4. Shredding:

After washing, the clean PMD waste is shredded into small pieces. This step is crucial for uniform melting and further processing.

5. Post-check:

A second check is carried out after shredding to remove any remaining contaminants. This ensures the purity of the material before it goes to the melting stage.

6. Melting:

The clean and shredded pieces are melted. This is a complex process that is carefully controlled to ensure the correct consistency and quality of the plastic.

7. Moulds and jigs:

The molten material is then poured into moulds or pressed through moulds to create the final shape of the fence elements. This stage requires precision and craftsmanship to ensure that each component is perfectly shaped.

Manufacturing our Infinity fence from recycled PMD material is an extensive and precise process. Each of these steps adds to the cost, but also ensures that the final product is durable, safe, and of the highest quality. By choosing our Infinity fence, our customers are not only investing in their own property, but also in the future of our planet. This process shows that high-quality, sustainable products can also be created from 'free' waste materials, whose value far exceeds the cost of production.

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