Infinity, a new fence concept made of 100% recycled material.

De Sutter Naturally has been the market leader in gates and fences for 45 years. Jeffrey De Sutter achieved this status by consolidating the existing range and constantly innovating.

De Sutter Naturally also stands for corporate social responsibility, and that is why Infinity was created, the ecological range of fences made from recycled plastic composite. It is no coincidence that De Sutter Naturally is the first one to bring this to the market. 'That is the unique characteristic of our company', Jeffrey De Sutter explains: 'it is in our DNA to be innovative, to reinvent ourselves again and again and to improve every day. The idea of Infinity grew from this business philosophy.’

We need to anticipate the ecological issues of our planet because firstly, there is a scarcity of our natural resources; and secondly, it is our social task and responsibility. For decades, we have exclusively used wood with the certification FSC or PEFC and from sustainably managed forests for our wooden products. The demand for our products is increasing, but the supply is not infinite. That's why, a few years ago, we came up with Infinity: a new fencing concept made of 100% recycled material. Two Infinity posts contain the contents of all the PMD bags of one person in one year.

Because it is a completely new product, the research and development took several years and we are proud to be the first ones to offer this ecological alternative.

The big challenge was to produce fences with the same hardness and strength as wood. I am proud that our team is the first to offer this ecological product. Our Infinity range offers the same quality and appearance as our wooden range. Infinity is suitable for both traditional meadows and fences on a smaller scale. We are also active in that market. De Sutter Naturally offers a total solution for all your fences and gates for your home, stable or business. That's why we recently took over a company that is specialised in residential (automatic) gates. Another new extension to what we have to offer.

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Choosing the right materials and design for durable, stylish fencing: what do you look for? De Sutter Naturally helps you choose, and guides you optimally through your purchase.

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