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Choose a fence or other application in wood or RECO (recycled composite)? Maybe you have some doubts, or some questions. You can rest assured that all De Sutter Naturally materials are carefully selected for durability and a stylish look. This applies to our wood types, and also to our newest acquisition Infinity in recycled composite. 

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Why RECO material?

  • Ecological - 100% recycled composite 
  • Safe all the way 
  • Elastic and flexible 
  • Lifetime anti-rot guarantee 
  • Colourfast and weatherproof 
  • Pure class 

Questions & answers

Why new material? 
The availability of wood is not infinite. Globally, less and less forest is cut down, which we think is a good thing from an environmental point of view. In any case, we only use wood with the FSC® or PEFC label from sustainably managed forests, harvested in a responsible manner. The scarcity of wood makes us innovate with other materials. The result is Infinity in RECO design. An out-of-the-box development that we have been focusing on in recent years. A cooperation between De Sutter Naturally and our Belgian manufacturer.  

What does RECO mean? 
RECO is the raw material used for the Infinity range: recycled plastic composite or 100% recycled plastic. The most ecological solution on the market, even the end product can be recycled. In concrete terms: 1 post of an Infinity fence contains a PMD bag’s contents during 1 year for an average family of 4. Investing in a RECO product therefore means reducing waste! 

What makes 100% recycled composite different from other plastics? 
Because of the super ecological approach, the production process and the extent to which the material ages (or not) ... and how it can be recycled again in the end. The appearance is also different: mixing in more recycled material results in a unique honeycomb effect, creating an amazing look. 

Is recycled composite safe? 
The raw material and the finished product are safe for humans and animals. No worries about splinters, breaking boards and posts or chemical maintenance products. RECO does not darken or crumble. 

Posts and boards for a recycled plastic fence

What about heat? 
RECO planks are elastic to a certain extent. When the sun is strong, they can bend on one side. However, they straighten up quickly, unlike wooden boards that warp. The reason is that planks in recycled composite have a memory and return to their original shape. A unique extrusion process results in an unprecedented bending stiffness in planks and posts. This has been extensively tested.   

What about maintenance? 
A fence or other application in Infinity means no worries once it’s installed. Bye bye maintenance, moisture problems or rotting. 

In what colours is a RECO fence or other application available?
The planks and posts are available in black or brown. Other colours available on request at extra cost.  

Does RECO discolour? 
No, RECO products have very good colour stability and have been tested in accordance with ISO 4892-3. They are colourfast and UV-resistant. 

A horse in front of a board

How is it manufactured? 
We use new technology for this: a self-developed extrusion process, according to a core-shell principle that leads to unprecedented bending stiffness. We use 100% recycled raw materials, without adding wood or metal. The end product itself is also 100% recyclable and so the circle is complete. 

Where does the production take place? 
At our manufacturer in Limburg. After production, the applications are finished and installed by De Sutter Naturally. 

Can these poles or planks get damaged? 
Infinity's strength has been extensively tested. Thanks to the memory the boards become straight again. Suppose the boards are dented a collision, in that case they have to be checked thoroughly and replaced if necessary. 

What about delivery times? 
We are right at the source: our waste from PMD bags is processed into an end product by our Belgian manufacturer. This means that we always have stock available and can deliver quickly. 

Is the installation more complex than with wooden fences? 
No, it is completely the same as for wood. We ensure an equally efficient installation with our pile driver. 

Can I combine the fence with electric fencing? 
Yes, you can, even without the use of insulators. It is possible to run the electric fence through the posts. It will save costs and work. 

Why choose Infinity in RECO material? 
In short: unique raw material, unique product! Eco-friendly, sturdy, safe, colourfast, withstanding the test of time, rural look, genuinely Belgian. With posts and planks in innovative RECO material, you can be sure that your fence will still look its very best many years later.  

Is Infinity expensive? 
Making Infinity is more complex than a production with wood. The end product carries a higher price tag, but you get a lot in return: a longer lifespan with infinite anti-rot guarantee, a solid fence that is not prone to brittleness and crumbling, and all this with an elegant and rustic look. The perfect alternative to wood. 

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