Houten omheining in hardhout of zachthout? De belangrijkste verschillen op een rij
About wood
Tropical hardwood and pine softwood are both very suitable for a wooden pasture fence, but both types of wood are different in appearance, price and lifespan.

What is tropical hardwood?
Hardwood comes from deciduous trees. Tropical hardwood of durability class 1 is the toughest and most durable type of wood there is. These types of wood do not require any maintenance and can easily last for 30 years.

What is pine softwood?
Softwood comes from coniferous trees. If it is not treated, it will have a shorter lifespan but, with the proper treatment, it is moisture-resistant, windproof and weatherproof.
To prevent soft wooden posts from rotting after a few years, you should opt for fully impregnated pinewood. When the timber is cut, only the wood from the outside of the tree can be used. The pinewood's core cannot be properly impregnated and cracking will occur sooner or later.
By taking the time to thoroughly dry the wood, the pores will be completely opened. After 5 weeks of drying, the wood is in the ideal condition to ensure maximum impregnation. This treatment gives pinewood more durability and enables you to enjoy it maintenance-free for at least 20 years.

Elegant appearance versus the absolute best
Tropical hardwood exudes absolute class. Enthusiasts select it for its stylish appearance. After a few years, a soft, grey patina will appear, which will blend the fence even more into the landscape. The older your fence, the more character to the wood.
Do you think hardwood is too fancy for a horse pasture? Then you can opt for the elegant look of a pinewood fence. Thanks to our impregnation process it acquires a nice grey appearance and will not require further maintenance.

Price tag
The price of a fence made of tropical hardwood is about twice that of a pinewood fence. That is why customers sometimes choose hardwood fences for pastures adjacent to their home and pine softwood for more remote pastures.

The best choice with warranty
Both tropical hardwood and pine softwood are suitable for creating a high-quality fence that you can enjoy for many years. For our pine fence, there is an expected lifespan of at least 20 years, on our tropical hardwood, this easily extends over 30 years. We are not afraid to guarantee durability. We recently celebrated our 40th anniversary and therefore know the quality of our wood, even in the longer term.

Will you choose a pasture fence made of tropical hardwood or pine softwood?

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