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De Sutter Naturally at Knokke Hippique

From Knokke to Aachen and from Geneva to Lanaken, the most prestigious competitions that apply the highest standards call on De Sutter Naturally, and that is no coincidence. 

'Entrepreneurship reflects who you are', says Jeffrey De Sutter: 'the way in which you do business says how you are in life, it reflects your values and standards. For us, that stands for impeccable service, constant innovation, sustainability and the best quality. We always do business in a socially responsible way, and that means with the greatest respect for nature. Think about our latest creation: Infinity, the ecological range of fences made of recycled plastic composite.’

It is therefore not a surprise that De Sutter Naturally is present at Knokke Hippique, where they also apply the highest standards. In horse fencing, De Sutter Naturally does not know its equal. It is a five-star product, just like the events in which it is present.

‘That has developed historically. Our very first fences were placed for Olympic champions and world champions. Those riders wanted their horses to graze in the safest and most reliable meadows. Today, our range has multiplied and we supply fences for the smallest farm animals to the biggest horses with the same dedication.’

‘Stephan Conter became a customer 25 years ago and has now become a friend. For him, only the best is good enough and he radiates this in everything he undertakes. For example, the organisation of Knokke Hippique and the Brussels Stephex Masters. For De Sutter Naturally, our presence at these events is a grateful business card. By the way, you don't only see us along the track, but also in the track. Our company Top Jumps is in fact the supplier of the obstacles and that is also a nice reference. Our partnership with STX Events is important for our branding, because we radiate the same values. 'If you can dream it, you can do it', is Stephan Conter's slogan and De Sutter Naturally and Top Jumps fully agree with that. And just like Stephex, we want to be the best in everything we do. For example, Top Jumps supplied the courses for the European Championships in Rotterdam, and we facilitate the most prominent competitions such as Aachen, Geneva, 's Hertogenbosch, and of course, the biggest Belgian events.'

‘If you visit Knokke Hippique in the next few weeks, you will undoubtedly contemplate the beautiful fairy-tale setting that has been created. You will behold it with admiration and amazement and then you can certainly stop by our stand where we will give you a warm welcome.’

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