Why proper installation is important for your pasture fence
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Our customers are often impressed when they experience how quickly our installation team assembles a wooden fence and anchors it in the ground. Our professionals install horse fences on a daily basis and use machines developed in-house that guarantee a reliable and tip-top installation. We go over the main points of attention for a proper assembly.

Professional equipment
In order to anchor a fence firmly in the ground, i tis important to have the proper equipment. Some installers will dig a pit of 70 cm to 140 cm deep and use concrete to insert the posts in the ground.
At De Sutter Naturally, we drive the posts in the ground, ensuring posts that are immediately placed straight and sturdy. For this, we have developed a post driving machine that is suitable for any soil. Thanks to this machine, we are able to anchor pasture posts and gate posts with great precision.
Thanks to our sophisticated lasers and electronic sensors, the posts are perpendicular and level. In addition, they are at the proper depth to ensure firmness and the fence will look absolutely perfect, even if you have a sloping pasture or a pature with bends.

Experienced professionals 
De Sutter Naturally's installation service consists of several teams that work with advanced and specialised equipment on a daily basis. They think along about the optimal placement and give advice when an unexpected obstacle occurs.

Mounting the crossbars
Mounting the crossbars is simple when the posts are anchored in the ground at the proper height. It will require more time to align the pasture gate perfecty. That is therefore done with the utmost care to ensure the optimal end result.
To prevent your horses from chafing or biting the fence, a subtly concealed electric fence can be a useful addition.

Save time
The way a pasture fence is placed and assembled will determine its durability. That is why we advise you to leave this to professional experts. This will save you a lot of time. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy your horses without any concerns, and enjoy a fence that exudes pure, rural quality.

Go for a tip-top finish and years of reliability by having your wooden horse fence installed by a team of experienced professionals. 


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Choosing the right materials and design for durable, stylish fencing: what do you look for? De Sutter Naturally helps you choose, and guides you optimally through your purchase.

Discover with this handy starter guide how a wooden fence adds value to your property.

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