Densiforce - the quality label

De Sutter quality now has a registered name: Densiforce. The new quality mark for the production process of our impregnated softwood range. Your ultimate guarantee for a more environmentally-friendly process, extending the life of our wood to 20 years and more.

The unique combination of the origin of the wood, the controlled drying process and the impregnation to saturation with an improved impregnation agent make Densiforce the new reference when it comes to protecting softwood against wood rot while respecting the environment. Thanks to the Densiforce label, you can be sure of the best possible quality and durability for your impregnated softwood fence. 


  • 100% quality: origin, process and end product continuously assured
  • 100% sustainability: in addition to the standard green version, a dark brown Densiforce impregnation is possible as an eco-friendly alternative to creosote posts

All-round guarantee: origin, process & final product

Densiforce is a protected brand with which we consolidate the quality and sustainability of our production process. Each De Sutter product in impregnated softwood will bear this quality label. The entire process from origin to final product is protected and documented. And that is where we make the difference across the board:


Our wood grows slowly, but is therefore much firmer and less likely to warp.

Sawing process

We saw from thick logs, which allows us to impregnate the posts better.

Drying process

Is very controlled, also for round posts, we apply moisture gradually so that the cracks form before the drying process.

Impregnation to saturation

We first extract the moisture and then impregnate, the colour pigment can go much deeper, for a more homogeneous and long-lasting result.

“Densiforce is a symbolic name for the density and strength of our wooden applications thanks to the controlled production process.”

Alexander Van Parijs
General Manager De Sutter Naturally

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