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Square Safety

Safety guaranteed with the continuous top rail in Densiforce®

The continuous top rail ensures additional safety for horse and rider in case of falling. The solid connection between posts and boards and the absence of nails or screws also make your paddock extra safe. Not only safe, but also visually appealing: the best quality pine wood has a beautiful authentic look and requires no maintenance.


  • The continuous top rail provides additional safety for horse and rider in the event of a fall
  • Made from the hardest and most durable Densiforce® pine with maximum saturation of the green impregnation product due to the drying process.
  • Posts and rails form a solid connection without nails or screws.
  • This horse fence will last you for at least 20 years, without maintenance.
  • Manufactured using our unique Densiforce® production process, guaranteeing quality and durability.


0m75 1 board + top rail
1m20 1 board + top rail
1m20 2 boards + top rail
1m40 2 boards + top rail


  1. Safe construction with continuous top rail
  2. Made of beautifully Densiforce®
  3. 20 years maintenance-free 


A wooden fence with rails and livestock wires

Livestock wire

This elegant and durable solution protects both small and large animals. The galvanised steel wire is applied through the posts.
Gravel boards

Gravel boards

Finish your horse arena with gravel boards or gravel planks. This will provide your riding arena with a beautiful and natural boundary.

Our approach

De Sutter Naturally offers the best care, protection and safety for your four-legged friend, excellent service for you and added value for your property.

Our warranty

The goods and materials delivered by De Sutter Naturally have an expected life span of 20
years. There is an anti-rot guarantee on the delivered materials, during the first 10 years at 100%.
During the following five years a degressive guarantee value applies, whereby the guarantee value decreases by 20% per year. This degressive guarantee is limited to the material only.