About us
De Sutter Naturally is taking the next step in its expansion by entering the European market with our residential wooden gates.

Our ambition is, initially, to become the quality reference in countries such as France, Germany and Spain, with artisanal and durable gates made in Belgium.

Active markets

Currently, we are already active in France, where we have strong B2C sales through De Sutter Naturally France. Germany and Spain are the next markets where we are strengthening our presence. The demand for quality gates in these countries is high, partly due to the lack of high-quality alternatives. In Germany, we work with B2B partners and will participate in Zaunteam's Hausmesse on 5 July, where we will meet a large number of potential new partners. In Spain, we focus mainly on Belgian property owners and there too, the necessary collaborations are in the pipeline. On 21 July, we will be present at the Fête des Belges in Moraira to present our solutions to this target group.

Why choose Residential Gates?

Our residential gates stand out for their robust construction and aesthetic design. Made from premium materials such as tropical hardwood, they offer not only an elegant look, but also durability and weather resistance. Moreover, they are fully customisable from modern to country styles, matching the preferences of each specific target market and country. Our gates are carefully crafted from high-quality timber and designed to last. They offer not only aesthetic added value, but also the security and reliability that customers expect. 

This is why many Belgians with property abroad also choose our product. Owners of second homes or properties in Spain, and by extension throughout Europe, can benefit from the unique advantages of our gates. Our products not only add aesthetic value to their property, but also provide the security and reliability essential for properties that are often left unattended. Even in their absence, their property is safe and they are assured of a sustainable investment without maintenance. The sturdy construction and maintenance-free nature of our gates make them a long-lasting investment that ensures the owner's peace of mind.


Our goals for the second half of the year focus on further growth in Germany and France, aiming for a solid market position by 2025. We will also open a new showroom and experience centre in Kampenhout at the end of this year. This expansion will enable us to further expand our export markets and serve our customers even better. At De Sutter Naturally, we are building a sustainable future, where quality and customer satisfaction are key.