Stephan Conter
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Stephan Conter:
‘De Sutter Naturally is a quality label'

Stephex Group is the global market leader in the construction and production of horse trucks. In addition, their horses and riders are regularly ranked at the top of the world rankings. This acquired status once started as a dream, which they still live up to every day.
Their sporting results confirm and reflect the company's philosophy of constantly striving to be the best in everything they do. Everything starts with quality - that is always their starting point and principle. The power and energy source that makes this possible is called Stephan Conter, founder and inspirer of the Stephex Group. Anyone entering his domain realises that everything is possible and nothing is impossible. The grounds exude professionalism and perfection. For his fencing, Stephan Conter has been relying on De Sutter Naturally for more than 10 years