Houten schuilstallen voor paarden | Ontdek de Double schuilstal: sterk, veilig een visuele meerwaarde voor je eigendom | Bescherming voor 2 paarden


Protect your horses in a luxurious shelter with authentic look

Our wooden shelters blend in perfectly with our horse fences and field gates. Made of spruce wood of the highest quality with a beautiful authentic look. If desired, we can finish the asymmetrical pitched roof with metal roof panels, either insulated or not. There are also various options, such as a gutter. 
Our shelters are extra sturdy due to the use of concrete plywood and strong wood. Almost indestructible, even when the horses stamp from time to time. Ingenious interventions with safe laths and repellent products will keep your animals from nibbling at the material. 
This shelter can house and protect 2 horses.


  • A unique, wooden shelter where two horses are protected from sun, rain and wind.
  • Made of impregnated spruce wood of the best quality, dried in the oven for maximum saturation of the product.
  • The beautiful greying wood integrates perfectly into the natural environment.
  • No building permit necessary up to 40 m².



  1. Made from durable wood with a beautiful authentic look
  2. Protects your animals from sun, rain and wind
  3. Strong and safe, can be equipped with numerous options

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Our approach

De Sutter Naturally offers the best care, protection and safety for your four-legged friend, excellent service for you and added value for your property.

Our warranty

The goods and materials delivered by De Sutter Naturally have an expected life span of 20 years.
There is an anti-rot guarantee on the delivered materials, during the first 10 years at 100%. During the following 5 years a degressive guarantee value applies, whereby the guarantee value decreases by 20% per year. This degressive guarantee is limited to the material only.