More and more we read stories in the newspapers about horses or other animals being stolen from pastures. All too often pastures are isolated and thieves can go about undisturbed. A primary and very effective security includes installing an anti-theft bolt to the field gate.

If you’re investing in a quality field gate, we always recommend fitting it with an anti-theft bolt. This so-called gate bolt - sometimes also called a gate pin - in no way diminishes the aesthetic appearance of our beautiful field gates. But surely, it will constitute a primary barrier against unwanted visitors with evil intent.

How does an anti-theft bolt work?

An anti-theft bolt is an option for our double field gates with two sides. It is part of the ironwork on the gate. This type of protection works quite simply. You slide a metal bolt into the hole provided. Then you fit a padlock through the loop at the end of the metal bolt.

It is a very simple and effective way to prevent opening and closing the gate. Thieves would have to lift the gate completely off its hinges, which is not at all likely thanks to the weight. An anti-theft bolt can also be fitted to the field gate after installation.

More about our field gates

De Sutter Naturally has designed a whole range of quality field gates. Every field gate has it own look, and guarantees a long lifespan. Read all the information relating to our field gates and discover the various models here.

Every field gate in our range is fitted with sturdy ironwork. The iron is half a centimetre thick. Even after many years in use, this will not crease or crack. All components of the gate’s ironwork are hot-dip galvanised so that they will not corrode.

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