There are different kinds of horses, but also different kinds of paddocks. In this blog we have a detailed look at the different kinds of paddocks, and which horses these are suitable for. The De Sutter Naturally range has the perfect fencing and matching gate for every kind of paddock for you.


  • Paddock

A paddock is the perfect outdoors environment for performance horses. The ideal paddock measures approximately twenty by thirty metres. This allows the horses to wander around calmly. They cannot jump, however, thus reducing the risk of potential injury.

  • Turnout paddock

A turnout paddock is less than half the size of a normal paddock. Dimensions, for example, are approximately 15 by 7 metres. The reduced area forces the horses to stay calm. They can walk about perfectly well, but not run. A turnout paddock is ideal for horses recovering from an injury.

  • Rearing and hay paddocks

A paddock of 50m² (half hectare) or larger can be used as rearing and hay paddock. These types of paddocks are ideally suited for mares grazing with their foals. We discourage using these larger paddocks for performance horses, however. Performance horses can get a bit overconfident in larger paddocks, meaning they run a greater risk of injury.

At best, reckon on an area of one hectare for the perfect paddock to let two horses graze in. That way, the animals have adequate space, there is sufficient grazing, and they have each other for social interaction.

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