Curved wooden fence with round posts and three rails
About wood
Densiforce® is the new quality mark for the entire production process of our impregnated softwood applications.

Our fences in Densiforce® guarantee a lifespan of your fence of 20 years and more. The unique combination of the origin of the wood, the controlled drying process, and the impregnation to saturation with an improved impregnation agent, make Densiforce® the new reference when it comes to the protection of softwoods against wood rot while respecting the environment. Thanks to the Densiforce® label, you can be sure of the best possible quality and durability for your impregnated softwood fence.

The unique protected production process that guarantees this quality is now endorsed with a quality and warranty certificate. You will receive this certificate with every Densiforce® fence that we install at your site.

Choosing wooden fences and gates made in Densiforce® is a quality sustainable investment.

Experts in fences

Choosing the right materials and design for durable, stylish fencing: what do you look for? De Sutter Naturally helps you choose, and guides you optimally through your purchase.

Discover with this handy starter guide how a wooden fence adds value to your property.

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