Wooden fences with square posts and three rails
Autumn is already here. It gets chilly and cold, it rains and your pasture gets wet. Your horses can take it, though they deserve the comfort of our shelter as well.

De Sutter Naturally made its reputation and gained fame in horse fencing. Thanks to our shelters, we offer you a complete solution for your pasture and animals. And just like the fences, the shelters are also tailor-made for your animals.

The idea of our shelters was born about five years ago. Our customers combine quality with aesthetics and therefore prefer a shelter that is similar to their fence. They often prefer an integrated approach and they find it at De Sutter Naturally. We developed shelters in harmony with our fence and nature, so that it becomes a coherent whole.
Our range varies from impregnated pine to oak shelters. There are also options for roofing, ranging from thatch to high-quality tiles. Would you like doors and/or windows? We customize it all to your needs.

Not insignificantly, you do not need a permit for your open shelter because shelters contribute to the well-being of your animal. And De Sutter Naturally is always strongly committed to that. Our shelter is essential for comfort and safety, and is as important in winter as in summer. For example, our roofs are insulated. It protects from the sun and is soundless when it rains.
Your animal's safety is our first concern. This applies to our fences and to our shelter stables. These are constructed on the inside in concrete plywood for a safe and sturdy stable that can withstand a (horse) bump.

De Sutter Naturally has always been pioneering, inventive and creative. Always different from others, that is what makes us and your fence and shelter so unique.

The free shelter guide

The free shelter guide

Outdoor animals, shelters, well-being & comfort - they are inextricably linked.

We would like to help you on your way with this free guide full of useful tips and facts to protect your beloved animals in the best possible way

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