During the winter, your meadow and fence always have a lot to endure. That is why you should do a thorough check-up at the start of spring. That way, your animals will have a safe place to enjoy and relax this summer.
We would like to give you a few tips.

This is how you make your meadow completely safe again:

  • Check all electricity wires and make repairs if necessary. 
  • Check if the wire mesh around the meadow is in good condition and whether it is still sufficiently stretched. 
  • Are the fence posts and boards still in good condition? Replace the ones that show signs of wood rot. 
  • Check if your shelter has any damage and repair it. 
  • Make sure your horses can stand in the shadow, with a fence or a shelter. 
  • Is the surface of the meadow clean and dry? Make sure there is sufficient drainage and fill it up with straw. 
  • Check the drinking water daily, especially in warm weather and when the water is standing still. 
  • Clean your wooden fence or shelter from green deposits of mould, algae or moss.

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