Are you planning to install a shelter? Then you are probably wondering whether you need a building or environmental permit. We have the answer for you!

Good news! In Belgium, since the end of 2016, you no longer need a permit to install a shelter for horses, as long as a few strict conditions are met.

  • Shelters with a surface area of up to 40m², per contiguous group of parcels in 1 property.
  • Entirely build with wooden walls.
  • Maximum height of 3 m.
  • At least 1 side fully open.
  • They are not located in spatially sensitive areas, with the exception of park areas.

Does your shelter not comply with one of these conditions? Then you will need a building and/or environmental permit.

TIP: Before you apply for permits or start working on the placing or construction of a horse stable, shelter or any other type of outbuilding, it is best to consult your local authority. They will provide you with the necessary and correct information that applies to your specific situation.

You can find more information about our shelters HERE


The free shelter guide

The free shelter guide

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